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 The biography of Cdr

 Loftus Jones VC has been

 produced by local author

 David Jeffery.

The story not only tells of the bravery of a local man during the Battle of Jutland in WWI but also gives an insight into Petersfield town and some of it's inhabitants during this period and beyond.

The L&D Branch of the RNA can be pleased with the results of their contribution towards the publications of this story.

Contact David Jeffery on for more information.

Battleship Ramillies


 The Final Salvo edited by Ian Johnston with Mick French. ISBN 978-1-84832-207-3

 Forward by HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh


















 First-hand accounts given by those who served on board this battleship mainly during WWII. Reading the dits (navy

 language for stories) of those members of the ships company during this time felt as though one was in the

 messdeck at tot time listening to them. A most enjoyable read which many ex RN personnel could relate to.

The Decoys


 An Overview


* An overdue study of three disastrous Allied Atlantic convoys.

* Important descriptions of preparations for Operation TORCH -The Allied invasion of North Africa  at the time the largest and

  most ambitious invasion in history.

* Examines the evidence whether Allied High Command sacrificed the merchant convoys to save the all-important invasion


* Studies Admiral Donitz’s U-boat operations.

* Controversial with serialisation potential.




 In November 1942, Britain and America launched Operation TORCH, the ambitious invasion of French North African colonies

 of Morocco and Algeria.

 To convey 70,000 troops and their equipment required 350 merchant ships crossing the U-boat infested North Atlantic from the

  USA and 250 more sailing south from British ports. The need for a high level of protection for these meant withdrawing large

 numbers of escorts from the routine trade convoys. Amongst those left without adequate defence were RB 1 and SC 107, both

 eastbound from America, and SL 125, northbound from Freetown. All three were at sea at the same time as the TORCH


 Predictably, Admiral Donitz threw the full weight of his 140 Atlantic U-boat fleet  against the now vulnerable trade convoys,

 which between them lost thirty-one ships and 792 men. While this unprecedented massacre was in progress, the troop

 -carrying convoys slipped miraculously through entirely without incident.

 There is nothing on record to say that RB 1, SC 107 and SL 125 were sacrificed to ensure the safe passage of the TORCH

 convoys but this superbly researched book sets out to examine the truth behind the rumours.





















'Jackspeak' a guide to naval slang language.
Written by Rick Jolly & illustrated by Tugg.
A classic book about jack, his language & sense of humour. An excellent read.
ISBN 0 9514305 05


U-Boat War Patrol

The Hidden Photographic Diary of U 564

Lawrence Paterson ISBN 978-1-84832-784-9

This is, in my opinion, a remarkable book. A photographic collection detailing the life on board U564 of its crew under the leadership of its commanding officer Reinhard ‘Teddy’ Suhren, a charismatic officer who was outspoken and obviously anti-Nazi.

Teddy Suhren was a top U Boat commander along with the likes of Kretschmer and Prien during the Battle of the Atlantic in 1942. I find it difficult to find the right words to say about this true story without upsetting those who lost relatives to U Boat activities during WWII but the author has managed to show the human side of a crew going about their task without glorifying the dreadful events they took part in. I recommend this book published by Frontline-Books.



Many books have been written about The Battle Of The Atlantic which has been described as the pivotal campaign of WWII. However I feel that this publication ranks among the best. Yes it gives numbers of ships sunk and tonnage lost, U-Boats destroyed and crews killed but all through the book there are other snippets of information that I haven’t seen before. Superb research by the author makes for a very interesting and enjoyable read in my opinion. I can recommend this publication.

Pen & Sword ISBN 1473834007