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VOICE - A Study of Armed Services Veterans


This study is being carried out by the King’s Centre for Military Health Research at Kings College London.

It is funded by the Royal British Legion but fully independent of the RBL and the Ministry of Defence (MoD).


What is the study about?

We are conducting a research study which will explore how people’s career choices affect their health and wellbeing later on in life. The study will include military veterans and non-veterans and we hope (not mandatory) to interview a close companion of each participant to provide their views on the same topic.

If we can identify the potential effects of occupation later in life, then in the future, employers will be able to potentially adapt working practices to take account of how people fare when they are aged over 65 years of age. We aim to see if military service may have a different impact on health and wellbeing in later life or not.


Why am I being asked to take part?

We are inviting those who are over the age of 65 and either served in the UK armed forces (for longer than 5 years) or served in a non-military profession for longer than 5 years. Individuals with less than five years’ armed forces service (who may have done national service, for example) would be considered as non-veterans for this study. Even if you did not see your career as having a significant impact you may still be able to join in our study.


We are also inviting a close companion (e.g. spouse, child, close friend) of an individual who is over the age of 65 and either served in the UK armed forces (or longer than 5 years) or served in a non-military profession for longer than 5 years. We would like to speak to the close companions of veteran and non-veteran individuals to investigate the impact of occupation of the life

course from a third party perspective (again not mandatory).


What does taking part involve?

Participants and close companions will be asked to complete some questionnaires and take part in an interview with one of our researchers.

The questionnaires can be completed by post or online. Researchers can interview you over the telephone or at your home. The interview should take approximately one hour.


Editor & Webmaster I have taken part in this survey. It is easy and not time consuming.

Why have I taken part – I hope that by telling of my time in the RN and my subsequent experience on re-joining civi street the survey will assist, in some way, future ex service personnel to adjust to a new way of life and their interaction with potential employers. The survey was easy and interesting.

I recommend it.


Contact the VOICE STUDY

for more information:

Web: -


Email: voice.study@kcl.ac.uk

Phone: 0207 8485347

Mobile: 07490092960



Received: 17/01/2017

Subject: Full Time Reserve Service - Recruiting Event in Portsmouth 09 Feb 2017


Dear Hon Branch Secretaries and CONA Colleagues,


I am publishing the e-mail you see below on behalf of the Royal Navy.


They are holding a recruiting evening in HMS Iron Duke in Portsmouth in an effort to recruit 18 Marine Engineers, who will be working ashore and occasionally travelling abroad to conduct engine changes etc.  The upper age limit is 60 with a 2/3 year engagement.   The reason I agreed to pass this request on is - it occurred to me that some of your members could be engineers under the age of 60 or indeed you know someone in your family /social circle who may be interested in obtaining more information.  This could really appeal to someone who left the RN a number of years ago and is now ready to come back for another go around the buoy!


“PORFLOT are actively recruiting for FTRS Marine Engineering positions in Portsmouth Dockyard. There is an open evening onboard HMS IRON DUKE on Thurs 09 Feb 1800-2000; why not come along and enjoy a pasty and a pint whilst discussing your options? If you are interested, contact the event coordinator Lt Cdr Ingham by email at HMSBROC-Shore-CommandingOfficer@mod.uk for further details and to book your place.”


As you are probably aware if you are already in receipt of a MOD pension FTRS employment may affect that pension. The argument for this is based on the fact that you cannot be paid more than a regular to be doing the same job.  However every case is different and that there is no generic policy. As each individuals pension is different and every job is on a different pay spine, everyone’s package will be different; the plus is that individuals will earn towards a separate non-contributory pension whilst working so in the long run, they may end up better off.



Thank you




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